Stand up comedian. ACTOR. WRITER.

    Nasry Malak is a true entertainer. He has been wowing audiences for over fifteen years with his unique voice and original style. Trained in the art of Improvisation from the Upright Citizens Brigade, Nasry's true strength comes from his quick wit and original material. 
     Best known for his work on "The Watch List," a sketch featured on, Nasry is constantly working towards perfecting his craft. Catch him in one of his one-man shows "The Morning After Pill" or "Lead Balloon," or doing stand up comedy performances on the Los Angeles comedy club scene.
     Let's go people, its time for you to jump on the band wagon -- 1100* Facebook friends can't all be wrong!
*1100 is also the score he received on his SAT. He blames the mediocre score on an unruly wisdom tooth. A likely story.